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Welcome to the website for St. Jacobi Congregational Church!

We are delighted to welcome you to St. Jacobi, a place of community and spiritual inspiration for more than 160 years! With such a rich history to build on, we seek to be a church community that is growing in our knowledge of God's Word, our understanding of Christ and our awareness of the Holy Spirit.

St. Jacobi Congregational Church


Sunday Worship 10:00am (September-May);
9:00am (June, July and August)

St. Jacobi Tidings ~ October 19, 2014

Devotion: 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

It is nice to hear some words of praise. It is hard to hear news that we have failed, but sometimes it can be just as hard to accept praise. Praise is withheld in some families and cultures, because, after all, you are just doing what you are supposed to be doing. But if you look at how a child responds when you give them recognition of a ‘job well-done,’ you’ll know how deeply central it is for us to receive praise to feel loved and secure. We hear a lot of criticism in behavior from scripture, so this piece of thanksgiving is just as important to show us what pleases our God and that we are also thoroughly loved.

Reflection: How can I be a model to all believers in my faith and action?

Prayer: I am yours, Father; thank you for rescuing me from the wrath of this world. Help me to model your message to the entire world, and grant me the acceptance of your love for me. Bless me, Lord. Amen.

Sunday’s Lectionary Scriptures

Next Sunday’s Scriptures

Exodus 33.12-23

Deuteronomy 34:1-12

Psalm 99

Psalm 90.1-6,13-17

1 Thessalonians 1.1-10

1 Thessalonians 2.1-8

Matthew  22.15-22

Matthew  22.34-46

Prayer Requests

The health issues and needs of our congregation members & friends:

Paula, Wendy, Rosie, Julie (cancer); Praises for Mary and Liz (travel)

Victims of violence in this world; Christians around the world;

Military servicemen and support services, and military families.

Church Calendar

October Food Drive continues!

October 19        Choir 8:45; Coffee 9:30;

Worship & Sunday School, 10:00am

October 24        Sunday School Fall Festival, 6-8pm

October 26        9:30 Coffee; Worship & Communion, 10:00am, Fellowship

November 2      Choir 8:45; Coffee 9:30; Worship & Sunday School, 10:00am

Mark Your Calendar!

November 23 Christmas decorating following worship

Scrip: Scrip is a great fundraiser for the church. When you buy gift cards for gifts or everyday items, the scrip program will donate a percentage of your purchase to the church! Awesome! Easy! The next order will be Oct. 26!

Hat and Mitten tree: For all who knit – please note that the hat and mitten tree is out again! For those who don’t knit, feel free to add store-bought items!

Thank you for your contribution!

Bible Study Resumes: We will meet in the conference room of the church for study and discussion. Next meeting will be November 13 at 1:00 – 2:30 pm.

Sunday School: We will continue with Old Testament Stories this week featuring the story of Jacob. See you there!

Choir Rehearsal Dates: The Choir will rehearse at 8:45 am on the following dates: November 2, 16, 30; and December 7, 21.

Hearing Assistance Equipment: If you would be interested in using equipment that would help amplify the worship service, please speak with Bob Laubenheimer at your convenience. Thank you!

The Covenant of St Jacobi Congregational Church:

We covenant to walk with one another to seek and respond to the Word and Will of God. 

We purpose to walk together in the ways of the Lord, made known and to be made known to us.

We hold it to be the mission of the Church to witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ in all the world, while worshiping God as a striving for truth, justice and peace.

As did our fathers, we depend on the Holy Spirit to lead and empower us.

We pray for the coming of the kingdom of God, and we look forward with faith toward the triumph of righteousness and eternal life.

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